Cleaning up around the shop

We all know the last step of any woodworking project is cleaning up. Recently we have fallen in love with our mid-size (six gallon) shop-vac to make it a breeze getting all the shavings and sawdust cleaned up. And not only that, but it has proven more useful around the house for cleanup jobs than I ever expected. The Shop-Vac 4-Gallon 2-Hp Ultra Plus Wet and Dry Vacuum has helped me in numerous scenarios to clean carpeting and my floors.   It’s the original in this category and I’m pleased to say – it’s still the best.

My children are extremely naughty and they love to play on a regular basis. Sadly, their water games go through the whole house and I usually find some part of the carpeting which is soggy and wet. My store-vac has helped me every time to get the carpeting dry. In addition, it functions nicely on tiles because at one time I had a drainage issue that made mildew and mold reproduction beneath my toilet tiles. This vacuum has helped me to remove the water from my toilet floor daily.

Many accessories come with this and this product makes cleaning surfaces that are simple, convenient, and easy to use. The accessories included are a collection bag, a crevice tool, and a straight nozzle.  I use this powerful vacuum cleaner and the right accessory to get the soil collected in all the corners of the shop and to get in the hard to reach areas of furniture and other tough areas.  It has plenty of suction and power, which always allows you to clean any type of debris up. In fact, we know that a lot of cleaning services use these as well because of their power and reliability.

It’s on wheels and therefore it is not difficult to move it about. The other accessories and the range bag are suitable to keep and very simple to clean. They have been invaluable for my family because they come to prevent all types of allergies. This product is really useful because it causes it to be simple to remove pet hair from your sofa and other pieces of furniture when you’ve pets. The best part of the product is that it makes almost no sound so it terrorize the dog or doesn’t bother my sleeping kids.

So far I am incredibly happy with this product and I’d urge it to every man who’s trying to find a product that is great to clean up the shop or any dirty floors around the house. In a nutshell, it’s an excellent buy for the cash.  You can pick one up at your local Home Depot or other home improvement store.  Also Wal-Mart often keeps these in stock.

For bonus points – here’s a quick ‘DIY’ improvement you can make in the power rocker switch if you’re putting your Shop-Vac to heavy regular use (as I tend to do):


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